Handicraft Ideas in Recycling Lanyards

Employees tend to bring their lanyards with them after resigning. That’s why some were able to collect numerous ID holders that they don’t want to dispose. If you have a growing pile of ID laces.

Here are some recycling projects that will give them new functions :

Transform Them Into Bookmarks

Bookmarks evolved from being mere cardboard cutouts. Use the fabric strap itself as the main bookmark, or stitch several straps together based on your preference to come up with an inch-thick bookmark. Design it with additional accessories like crimp locks (which is also a part of the lanyard). This project will recycle your ID holder and other items that you’ve been keeping at home.

Use Them as Knife Handle Grips

LanyardsKnives have rubber handle grips, which can be damaged in some cases. This leaves knives with exposed handles that are not easy to grip, making them potentially dangerous. Use your lanyards as handle grips by wrapping them around knife handles. Secure the straps in place by adding glue or tying them together. Make sure to tie them tightly to keep them from unfurling and to prevent your hands from slipping. You can also combine the ID holders’ straps with other rubber materials to form ergonomic handles.

Create New Watchstraps

Some people have unused watches because of damaged watch straps. ID holders can be used as good watchstraps, especially for users who are into arts and crafts. Measure the strap’s width and use ID straps by braiding them together. Attach the straps to the watch then tie the braided strap’s ends. Leave several inches of loose straps that will be used for securing the watch in place once the project is complete.

Instant Dog Collars

Dogs can damage their collars anytime because of their playfulness. In case your dog needs to have his collar fixed right away, use lanyards. Measure the lanyard strap around your dog’s neck then cut the cord. Insert the name tag and other accessories then tie both ends together to keep the new collar in place. The advantage of using an ID holder as collar replacement is it can be crafted easily unlike something made with thicker material.

Create Personalized Keychains

Keychains can be purchased easily, but coming up with unique versions is possible by recycling ID holders. They already have attachments like clips and hooks, which will be used for securing keys and other similar items. You can use an ID holder on its own or cut it shorter for easy handling. Aside from simple cutting, you can also braid several straps together to give it a unique appeal. Aside from uniqueness, braiding also produces thicker and more durable keychains.

Use DIY Accessory Materials

Many individuals like to create their own accessories. Lanyards can also be used as main materials for making bracelets and necklaces. The goal of using ID holders is to make them look different from their original form. Handicraft enthusiasts usually braid straps together to form round, durable bracelets. Aside from the main straps, accessories like small chains, locks, and beads are added to produce accessories that people can use daily. You can get the best lanyard  accessory options by visiting site wholesalelanyards.com. Lanyard gallery houses a few of the more recent Lanyards materials.

Use as Cable Organizer

The problem in having computers is the disorganized cables behind the computer. No need to purchase a cable organizer because ID straps can be used to tie cables together. They can also be labeled by stapling paper tags or by writing on them directly.

Lanyards are recyclable items used for various uses. Recycling ID holders can be good hobbies that can also save users money by eliminating the need to purchase several items, especially if they are not so necessary.