Recreation, Golf and Golf Bags

Life, they say, is a journey by which people seek to find the purpose of their existence. Others are lucky enough to discover what they are passionate about early on, while there are others who constantly toil in order to achieve a life of material fulfillment. But each person, regardless of where they are in life – or of what status they belong to – require hobbies as their means to temporarily escape the seriousness of it all.

These stress-relieving hobbies take on different forms. There are those who succumb to the peaceful escape of reading a book. Some people decrease their levels of stress by expressing their emotions through different forms of art. It may be through painting, writing poetry or it can even be through dancing. Others benefit from taking a stroll in the park and just take in the beauty of life’s simplicity. However, among all these, the most common means to unwind is through sports.

And in the midst of all the possible sports out there, a more popular choice among those professionals seeking time away from the concrete jungle is golf. Since golf is mostly played on an expertly landscaped sea of greens, it gives the players the impression that they are one with nature as they play along. The more complex among these play areas offer both 9-hole and 18-hole courses, with different levels of grass to increase difficulty.

In order to escape to play golf, these players would often travel great lengths just to find the golf course that would perfectly suit all their needs. While en route to their destination, it is a must that their equipment be transported with utmost care and convenience. Golf clubs and other essential items are to be handled with care as they tend to be very expensive. This is the reason why golfers should invest in high quality golf bags that would provide protection and support for their equipment.

Golf bagThese bags come in different designs to suit every player’s personality and lifestyle. Generally, these bags can be made of nylon or leather, and has metal framing. These bags have firm bodies for support at the opening, and separates the golf clubs for the convenience of the player. Since golf requires different items for playing, it is expected that all bags are made with numerous pockets.

There are different types of these bags. Golf bags that are used for traveling are often made up of heavily padded bodies. These paddings provides better protection for the equipment while on the road. These travel bags also have the club head cover and have locks on the zipper for better security.

Others, on the other hand, prefer golf bags that can be easily carried around a cart. These are called cart bags. Most of these bags are designed with a shoulder strap or handle for transporting the bag, or for easier carrying while passing through rougher terrain.

For those opting for a minimalist means of transporting their equipment, the perfect golf bags are the carry bags. These carry bags are not as bulky as its counterpart that’s meant for traveling. It is also lighter in weight for the player or the caddy’s convenience, since it will be carried around the course.

There are two known types of the carry bags. The Sunday bags are those that are made of flexible material which allows for it to be easily folded for storage purposes. The other type of carry bags are the stand bags. These bags are made of a hard body with retractable legs which turns the bag into a tripod. This allows the bag to be steadily placed on the ground while the game is ongoing.

Among all these, the most popular are the staff bags. These are the bags that are usually seen to be carried around by caddies, as portrayed by popular culture. These are bigger in size than other golf bags since it allows for more storage space for other items such as towels and a change of clothes.

However, it doesn’t always follow that golf has to be played on an isolated course by the countryside. If a player is only after practicing their swing, there is a variety of driving ranges near the city. These driving ranges are made of real grass, or are of synthetic mats which stimulates that of an actual course. Although it only allows for players to enhance their golf swinging skills, it is already a recreational activity in itself and already allows for ample relaxation. For this form of activity, carry bags can be the more convenient choice.

Miniature golf courses can also be a fun alternative. These type of courses are often used as a practice area for those who need to improve their putting skills. However, these golf courses are more popular among the younger crowd, given their creative designs and child-friendly obstacles.

In general, golf is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. It is an entertaining sport that allows the player to develop sportsmanship. It also improves one’s capability to concentrate, while providing for a pleasurable exercise.

It is not to be forgotten that the purpose of these recreational activities is to provide for a temporary escape from the never ending race called life. No matter how hard the challenges in life may seem, there is always a way through it. Sometimes, the answer shows itself after a little rest and relaxation.

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