Must-Have Features of a Misting Fan

Misting FanStandard electric fans and air conditioners offer tolerable to comfortable temperatures. However, the air distributed by standard electric fans could be as warm as the room temperature. Air conditioners, on the other hand, provide cool temperatures but dry the skin too much. But you can still achieve the wish of every person during summer without going to the beach. Thanks to the invention of the Misting Fan, you can get soak with the mist distributed by the said cooling equipment.

With the numerous options available online and offline, shopping for such cooling equipment becomes more complex. There are a lot of things to be considered to get the best one in the market. To simplify the decision-making process, here are the features of misting fans that you need to look for.

Exceptional Nozzle

The nozzle is the main piece that enables a Misting Fan to produce mist. However, each model has a unique nozzle technology.Some misting fans generate large droplets of water that soaks the users. This could be disadvantageous if you simply want a cool environment to help you relax or work comfortably. Aside from that, the large and uneven droplets of water are indicators of an inefficient nozzle.

What you need is a nozzle that can produce small droplets of water. The small size can help the mist evaporate easily. As a result, it dries before reaching the users.

One problem of misting fans is clogging. Once the nozzles are clogged, it ceases to make fine mist. Airborne matters are the primary causes of congested nozzles. Aside from that, the congestion can be attributed to the large portions of water it has to break down into droplets.

Usage is also a factor to a clogged nozzle. But if a nozzle clogs easily, then it has something to do with the workmanship employed in the Misting Fan. To avoid this, simply look for non-clogging nozzles.

Exceptional nozzle technology does not exhaust too much water as well. This helps in the prevention of a congested nozzle. In addition, this reduces your utility bills (both in electricity and water).

Adjustable Settings

Misting fans these days can be used in different locations and for different reasons. These innovations are possible by using the adjustable settings of the cooling equipment.

Just like standard electric fans, you can adjust the rotational speed of the fan blades in new mist fan models. Usually, these have three speed levels. A few models have up to four speed levels. The slowest speed may not offer the best temperature but it is the most energy-efficient. As a result, your usage won’t be as costly as the usage of mist fans under the fastest rotational speed.

Mist fans are mainly for outdoors during the summer. However, you can use them inside your home as well as office. You just have to take advantage of a Misting Fan’s dry settings. Because of this feature, you can make use of a mist fan just like a standard electric fan.

Rust-Resistant Pieces

Misting fans can be made mainly from metal, plastic, or a combination of both. The advantage of plastic-made misting fans is aesthetics; it comes in wide array of colors and styles. Some parts of the fans are also rust-resistant.

Metal-made misting fans, on the other hand, are more durable than the plastic one. However, these are prone to corrosion.

To avoid rusting, select rust-resistant misting fans. Once you use it, make sure there are no leaks in the water container.

Significant Reach

You don’t have to use two or more misting fans to cool a wider area. That is possible if you opt for a Misting Fan that oscillates up to 90˚.